Saturday, December 28, 2013

Yes... I am an awesome Alpine athlete

What... a two-fer after 5 months?!  Why yes, I guess it is!  And did you catch that awesome alliteration in the title?  I figured you did.
So... Daddy took me skiing 2 days ago and taught me all there is to know about it (or so I think).  At first I was pretty scared.  And said I wanted to go home.  Repeatedly.  Let's just say me and Daddy weren't seeing eye to eye.  But, after a various pit stops to drink soda, drink hot cocoa and eat Cheetos, and drink more soda and eat Doritos, I finally got the hang of it!.
Here's a picture of the victor (yours truly) along with a couple of vids.  The first is me, looking good, before the tears and hard work.  The second photo is the first of many requested pit stops!

Enjoy!  And don't worry... we'll teach Joaquin how to ski also.  And, by the way, did you know it was my birthday yesterday?   Yep... I am now 7 years old!

This is the first video Daddy could take of me because he finally got his hands free.  Prior to this, I was holding on to his ski pole and begging him not to let go!  So I let go towards the bottom of the hill.  And all looked good until I took my eyes off the prize at the very end.

This is the last run of the day!  We skied from 10:30 am until 5:30 pm.  That was a long day.  Daddy said his back was hurting, but I felt just fine.  And it was better than Wii!


Guess what Wii got for Christmas!  Oh yeah?  What... has it been a while?  Nearly 5 months since I posted, you say?  I hadn't noticed.  Now quit complaining and watch us dance!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

World Cup 2026?

Ok, I know.  I have disappeared for a very, very long time. (Yeah, it's been over a year.  Back off already!)  But I am a busy kid, and now I have a brother to raise. And an iPad addiction to nourish. So I can't promise to post again tomorrow, or next week, or next month. For now, just enjoy watching my little brother Joaquin dazzle on the soccer field. (Or pitch, as they call it in Europe.). He's even been invited to a soccer academy. (That is not hyperbole.  It is actually true!  And, yes, my vocabulary is advanced.  If you are too lazy to look up hyperbole in the dictionary, it means great exaggeration.  But I digress...)

Daddy is dreaming of millions. I am planning my sports agent career. Without further ado, here's Joaquin on offense and as a goalie.

A series of incredible stops!

OK, fine.  Another goal!

Sebastian (& Joaquin)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Graduate

Hi everyone!  On Friday my classmates and I  closed the door on the first phase of our trajectory towards greatness and opened another: we graduated from preschool! Next stop, Kindergarten!

 I've created a slideshow and a video for your entertainment.  Enjoy!

WARNING: The following video may cause severe boredom in anyone other than the parents and grandparents of the participants. Possible side effects may include excessive yawning, involuntary eye closing and serious restlessness. Please contact your doctor if symptoms persist.

Also, Mama says to check back later for better video quality.  This was the best she could do on short notice.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Abu and Abuelita Visit St. Louis

Abu and Abuelita recently visited us in our new digs. We took them to school with us, where Joaquin taught Abu to read. We celebrated Abu's birthday and we took them to the Magic House, which Abu thought was a hair raising experience. We also took them to eat frozen custard.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A pair of monkeys

Today was a super gorgeous day here in St. Louis. So mama took us to the zoo instead of watching us ride our bikes in circles around the cul-de-sac. The St. Louis Zoo is awesome and, dare I might say, even better than the National Zoo in DC (I'm pretty sure that I just heard a collective gasp of indignation from all our fans in DC).

Here I am riding a caterpillar (I swear that's what it is) on the carousel. And there I am with Joaquin in front of the penguin house. We may look angry but we are just fending off the bad smell issuing forth from the penguin house.

Stay tuned for more adventures in St. Louis...or the Lou as some people here call it. Which makes it sound like it should be as stinky as that penguin house. But it's not. So come visit!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Here I am teaching Joaquin how to hold his own against the big boys at the World Wrestling Federation.

We do this about 20 times a day, which is what I believe leads Mama to talk about her Zen moments, like the following: